Fiercely independent.

Cerno is a consultancy comprised of a team of technical, contractual, and commercial experts in licensing software from the major software vendors – including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP and SAS.



About us.

Our team have all previously worked for or against these major software vendors, gaining a detailed understanding of their licences, pricing and audits.

Unlike many other consultancies, we are uniquely independent and not affiliated with any major vendor: meaning you can be certain that the advice you receive is truly unbiased.

Cerno was formed from the necessity to push back against the vendors’ practices. We aim to provide not only clarity to our clients, but practical support in reducing unnecessary fees post-audit.

We work to change the landscape of the industry, and to put clients rightfully back in control of their own contractual requirements.

Our clients range from central government; local government and universities to financial services businesses, FTSE 100 companies and multinational corporates. 

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