A unique perspective, exceptional results.

Our unique position of contractual, technical & commercial expertise, alongside first-hand experience of vendors, gives you access to powerful insights.

Cerno’s Approach.

Every member of Cerno’s technical team has worked in software auditing for many years and understands the licensing practices of software vendors. Our specialist knowledge gives us a unique insight into the range of technical and commercial options that exist (including those not published by the vendors), options for software optimisation, and the future strategy of the vendors.

Cerno has:

  • In-house expertise in software licence agreements of all the major vendors
  • A detailed understanding of their commercial parameters and issues
  • Leading technical expertise to assess the scope of your usage and how small changes to configuration can reduce your costs

You will therefore benefit from:

  • The optimisation of the commercial details of your licence agreements
  • The identification of contractual exposure
  • Mitigation of any potential risks

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