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What does Cerno do?
Cerno helps organisations reduce their expenditure on software licences and the associated Support Agreements, with particular focus on Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and SAP. The Cerno team includes specialist licensing lawyers and licensing consultants who used to work in the auditing teams of the major software vendors. We are completely independent, and have no relationships with any of the vendors.

How do you reduce my licensing costs?
At Cerno we analyse your requirements and renegotiate a better deal for you with the software vendor.

How much could I save?
Savings can range from hundreds of thousands of pounds to tens of millions.

What are your fees?
We work on a percentage of saving model, which has allowed our customers to save huge sums without the risk of a day to day consultancy fee. There is also a small retainer fee.

What are the benefits of working with Cerno?
You could see a reduction in licence fees; new contracts which reflect your actual future requirements; timescales established to align with you, not the vendor; protection from program termination or removal of support during the process; and certainty for the future.

What if I don’t want to jeopardise my relationship with the vendor?
By using Cerno as an intermediary during negotiations, you’ll easily maintain the relationship with your software vendor. We always work keep the preservation of this key partnership in mind throughout the entirety of your project.

What are my next steps?
To enquire about how Cerno can support you with reducing your licence fees after an audit, .

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