Oracle’s focus shifts from new business to extracting more value from it’s current customers

28. 11. 2016


Oracle’s licensing has been described as ‘complex and treacherous’. And sadly its focus has shifted to extracting additional value from its existing users – as opposed to new business where competition is fierce and open source is a ready alternative.

Oracle’s tactics include:

  • Initiating seemingly anodyne licence reviews encouraging you to offer up the evidence that Oracle needs to issue a demand for new licence fees and arrears of support and maintenance;
  • Offering discounted bundled offers but then being reluctant to reduce part only of a bundled offering at a later date;
  • Delivering programs which include applications which were not ordered and are inadvertently triggered eg diagnostics and tuning;
  • Refusing to accept soft-partitioning and requiring all cores to be licensed;
  • Requiring all servers on which any programs are installed – even if not running – to be licensed for all cores / processors;
  • Demanding penalties without offering the true discount levels which would otherwise be expected in the market;
  • Refusing to accept shelving and then reinstatement;
  • Presenting licence demands for true-up on very short notice to comply with salesman’s quarterly targets as opposed to customer needs;
  • Relying on white papers and new guidance to shift meaning of earlier licence terms.

Cerno is experienced in Oracle licence negotiations and, utilising our commercial + contractual + technical analysis, we seek to challenge assertions by Oracle or LMS in order to reduce your software costs.

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