Stop fighting fires.

Save millions of pounds in unnecessary licence fees by strategically managing your software contracts before the worst happens.


In recent years, major software vendors have ramped up their audit processes, realising that a forensic software audit can bring substantial new licence income.

If you’ve received a software licensing audit, Cerno uses a unique combination of contract expertise, licensing knowledge and negotiation skills to dismantle a vendor’s position. This is followed by negotiation to obtain the best price for you.

Our strategic services address even the most complex IT challenges. Cerno’s extensive experience in software licensing, and our unique combination of legal, technical and commercial expertise, means that we can offer a solution to many IT problems including failed implementation projects; sourcing of new software; and due diligence following a procurement exercise.

Cerno can assist in the due diligence for buyer and seller, advise liquidators and receivers, and guide corporates. This is a challenging environment where the legal rules need to be sensitively and carefully addressed and dispatched. But very high recoveries can be obtained at little or no cost to the corporate or those in charge of the insolvency process.

Cerno’s Approach.

Our unique position of contractual, technical & commercial expertise, alongside first-hand experience of the vendors, gives you access to powerful insights. Every member of Cerno’s technical team has worked in software auditing for many years and understands the licensing practices of software vendors, and has an independent view of the true range of options that exist.

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