Cerno independently supports your position during a software audit, providing clarity and negotiating genuine reduction in fees.


In recent years, the major software vendors have ramped up their audit processes, realising that a forensic software audit can bring substantial new licence income as well as payments of penalties and back support.

The audits – often described as ‘licence reviews’ or ‘verification exercises’ – have a purpose: to ensure that corporate and public sector users are compliant.

Many of the vendors (including Oracle, Adobe, IBM, SAP, Informatica and Microsoft) rely on badly-worded licence agreements with many ambiguities, resulting in customers being pushed to simply accept this as their licence position. Software licence reviews are often predicated on wrong assumptions and contract interpretations.

This is unacceptable.

Cerno uses a unique combination of leading contract expertise, licensing expertise and negotiation skills to dismantle a vendor’s asserted position and deliver a statement of the correct licensing position. This is then followed by negotiation to obtain the best price for you.

Critically, Cerno is independent: we are not a platinum partner or reseller with any of the vendors. We have no hidden relationships with any of them. Unlike many consultants or SAM providers, Cerno’s business is dedicated solely to you, the customer.

Audit Defence Services:

SAP Software Audit Defence Service
Microsoft Audit Defence Service
Oracle Audit Defence Service
IBM Audit Defence Service

Cerno offers audit defence across a range of vendors in addition to those above.

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