Independent defence against MICROSOFT SOFTWARE AUDITS.

Microsoft Audit Defence Service

The large number of Microsoft users in an organisation, and the different combinations of software being utilised, can lead to complex, hard to understand software licences – a fact Microsoft is fully aware of. A significant initiative by Microsoft has been the searching out of additional value from its existing users through software auditing. In the face of this volatile environment for customers, Cerno helps you to protect your position.

Cerno is highly experienced in Microsoft licence negotiations both for end users and for service providers under SPLA agreements. Utilising our commercial, contractual and technical analysis, we seek to challenge assertions by Microsoft (or its auditors including KPMG or PWC) in order to reduce your software costs and put you back in control.

Our experience means we have a detailed understanding of the tactics and issues surrounding Microsoft audits. These include:

  • High degree of complexity in the ELP (Effective License Position) prepared with customers having to grapple with a bewildering and complex licence fee demand;
  • Unnecessary licences for duplicate users and absent staff;
  • Downgrade rights;
  • Licence fees charged on multiple installations using overlapping product suites/products on same device;
  • Certain products moving to free usage;
  • Demands for penalties without offering the true discount levels which would otherwise be expected in the market;
  • A complex overlay of Product Use Rights (PUR), Product Terms and volume licence agreements (Enterprise Agreement, MPA, Open, Select);
  • An intense focus to switch customers to cloud-based products e.g. Office 365.

Cerno is independent: it is not part of Microsoft’s Partner Network nor does it have any hidden relationships with Microsoft or its resellers.

below if you have been selected for an audit by Microsoft or its partners to protect your position.

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