negotiations to defend against SAP audits.

SAP Software Audit Defence Service

SAP’s licensing can, for many, lead to disastrous and excessive demands. SAP/Business Objects seek to source additional value from its existing users through the process of insistent software auditing. In the face of this volatile environment for customers, Cerno helps you to protect your position.

Cerno is experienced in SAP licence negotiations including Cognos, TM1 and InfoSphere. Utilising our commercial, contractual and technical analysis, we challenge assertions by SAP and actively reduce your software costs.

We understand the intrinsic details of the tactics used by SAP in its audit process. These include:

  • An unpredictable interpretation of ‘indirect access’ where small changes in deployment can lead to very high licence fee demands;
  • Reassurance offered by SAP senior management that it will not seek to penalise users – but without moving to clear and certain licence terms;
  • An insistence that its interpretation of its licence wording is the only valid one;
  • New robotics usage triggering multiple new licence fee demands;
  • Transfers to new processors of like configuration without consent;
  • Heavy reliance on white papers, website materials and new guidance to shift meaning of earlier licence terms;
  • Demands for penalties without offering the true discount levels which would otherwise be expected in the market
  • An intense focus to switch customers to cloud-based products.

Cerno is independent: it is not part of SAP’s PartnerEdge program nor does it have any hidden relationships with SAP or its resellers.

below if you have been selected for an audit by SAP or its partners to protect your position.

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