Research show 75% of companies have moved to hybrid cloud. 

20. 06. 2018

Westpac Trusts IBM to Expedite the Service Delivery by Moving to Hybrid Cloud

The Australian bank and financial services provider Westpac announced that the company is working with IBM to implement a new offsite hybrid cloud. Through this new platform, Westpac is aiming to enhance the solutions it currently provides to its costumers and swiftly answer its customers’ needs whilst satisfying all the required data and privacy regulations.   

What is hybrid cloud?  

Hybrid cloud is an integrated cloud computing set up that generates flexibility for the companies. Hybrid cloud system lets workloads shift from the private cloud to the public cloud as needed by the computing system.  

Appointed in 2014 as Westpac CIO, Dave Curran, who has 30 years of experience in IT and Financial services, explained how the move to the hybrid cloud reduced the service provisions drastically from months to hours.   

Notwithstanding how successful this project turns out to be in the future, the current attraction for cloud-based applications can already be clearly seen through Westpac’s implementation. Leaving out the commercial proposition of the deal, it seems that, at least in terms of brand awareness, this is already turning out to be an attractive investment for Westpac given the publicity that they are generating through this initiative.  

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